Sunday, January 27, 2013

God's working stuff out

Ever feel like you are just lost? Not know where you are? Lost in your own thoughts? You look around and wonder where time went? If God's dream is your dream? Then you try to remember His promises for you life. Just when you think you are on track, it is not that something goes wrong but you question yourself. That has been me the past month! I tested with a fire department on Saturday. I knew from the time I applied that I was not to start on the fire department journey, yet. But I applied anyway and tested out. I failed... Some would think that I would have been really upset about not making it... It was the opposite. First time in a while that I knew that I was where God wanted me to be, even though it was a no. There was several things that lead up to the no. The "no," showed me that I really need to get in shape at the gym. Also showed me that God has this story line already planned and I need to be patient! It was great experience to test out with them and also to hear God's voice so clear! I am not sure what He has in store for me this next year, besides medic school. I know it will be a year of learning and Challenges! He is My Strength and I have to trust in that.

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